i’m starting this because i think there’s something wondrous in words – moreover, the way they sound and almost seem to play with each other on the page. recently, my life has been uprooted – i’ve moved away, lost most of my old friends, and i’m gliding through social circles that, within the most honest core of myself, i know i don’t belong in. i’m surrounded every day by half-friends that i feel like i’ve known for years, but in reality it’s only been a few months. it’s like going rock climbing, abounding in this newfound adrenaline, and loving it; only to look down and realise that you’re halfway up the cliff and you’ve forgotten a harness. at the same time, i’ve felt this new sort of hyperactivity burning and teeming within me that forces me to go for walks at 2am in the pounding rain or the fresh pre-morning haze; and this is when the best words come to me. when i’m out there in the forest or down the street, with some sprawling music surging in my ears, the words just seem to slip in, like whispering, white, cathartic veils drawn over my brain. so for me, it’s been so easy to be overrun and enraptured by a tornado of emotions and thoughts in one day, so i thought, i’m gonna sum them up; into just four lines a day.